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Dr Elsa Delport has completed a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town. She then commenced surgical training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology before migrating to Australia in 2012.

Dr Elsa has since combined her love of surgery with her passion for skin health by studying Dermatology, Skin Cancer Medicine, Dermoscopy and Cosmetic Medicine. She believes that healthy, glowing skin is the cornerstone of the “beauty journey” and having an in-depth knowledge of skin is simply essential.

Dr Elsa holds a fellowship with the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgeons as well as the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia and was privileged to learn and work alongside industry leaders. She has a wide experience in national and international presentations, and has her work published in medical literature.

Her guiding principle is that every patient deserves delicate care and attention with treatments tailored to their individual needs and unique desires.

Regenerative Bio stimulation: More than just collagen – a comprehensive approach to skin quality

Regenerative aesthetics focuses on the regeneration of soft tissue lost or damaged due to the aging processes which consequently impacts on the aesthetics of the individual. This presentation is a look into the evolving field of regenerative aesthetics and how our product choice can determine whether we are going down a regenerative pathway, or an inflammatory pathway.


CaHA Occlusion – A New Perspective – brought to you by Merz Aesthetics

A case study of a vascular occlusion with calcium hydroxlaptitate



Dr Abs is a cosmetic doctor, cosmetic dentist, lecturer, author, expert trainer, global KOL and clinical trials researcher.

He has taught around the world on topics such as cosmetic injectables, dermatology, LED therapy, laser medicine, aesthetic analysis and more.

After graduating initially in dentistry, he has gone on to obtain multiple degrees and a master’s in a variety of fields stretching from the USA to Italy.

He practises mainly in the UK splitting his time between treating his own patients, teaching university professionals, research in clinical trials and authoring publications. His main interests currently lie in cellular anti-aging.

Sunekos Performa – A patented formula for skin bio-regeneration – brought to you by Xytide Biotech

Made up of Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids and with no lookalikes, Sunekos is the only proven and patent bio-regeneration injectable treatment with the precise mixture that reproduces physiological ratios of collagen and elastin.

Sunekos LIVE – brought to you by Xytide Biotech

Unlock the full potential of Sunekos Performa with Dr. Abs Settipalli.
Gain insights into unique techniques and protocols that deliver optimum patient results. 



Dr. Ian Chinsee, is a registered medical professional with the Medical Board of Australia and a Surgical Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine.
Graduating from the University of California Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology and completing his medical degree from the University of Queensland, Dr. Chinsee gained extensive experience in general and plastic/reconstructive surgery through his residency and advanced surgical training with ACCSM.
Dr. Chinsee’s unique approach combines his medical knowledge and his breadth of experience to deliver natural-looking enhancements. With a special interest in cosmetic surgery, regenerative medicine, and non-surgical skin & body contouring, Dr. Chinsee employs a multi-modality approach for optimal results.

The Rise of Injectable Alternatives – brought to you by BTL Aesthetics

It is widely acknowledged that the most effective treatment plan to nonsurgical facial rejuvenation requires injectables to restore facial volume and diminish wrinkles. However, these solutions only address the visible signs of aging without addressing the facial muscles or generating the natural production of hyaluronic acid. In this session, Dr. Ian Chinsee challenges this paradigm by delving into the underlying causes of aging and shares his distinctive approach to provide a non-surgical face lift without surgery or injectables.


Dr Danae Lim is a medical practitioner with 16 years of medical experience. She is highly trained in non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and has an extensive background in emergency, being extremely vigilant about safety in cosmetic practice. Skilled in cosmetic injectables, thread lifts, laser, and other non-surgical modalities, Dr Lim provides a holistic treatment plan tailored specifically for each individual. As a clinical trainer for Galderma, Dr Lim can apply very advanced facial refining techniques to all her clients. A proponent of collagen-stimulating treatments for true anti-aging, Dr Lim is a trainer for the In mode RFAL platform, with expertise in skin tightening through radio frequency treatments like Morpheus 8 and is a trainer and practitioner of thread lifts with both monofilament and lifting PDO threads. She is also a consultant for Candela Medical ANZ, being one of the earliest users of the Picoway laser in the region.

Passionate about dermal science, Dr Lim believes in customising skin care for individuals at different stages in their treatment for the best results. Dr Lim also has an interest in researching new active ingredients to add to the anti-aging arsenal, constantly evaluating the latest technology available based on the best evidence. Dr Lim believes in a collaborative approach between her and her clients to achieve the most natural and individual aesthetic beauty, ultimately letting you celebrate your OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL.

The latest in bio-remodeling, why amino acids matter’ brought to you by EnVogue

Join us in our workshop exploring the superior benefits of JALUPRO Super Hydro, a groundbreaking bio-stimulator formulated with added amino acids and peptides, setting it apart from other products in the market. Our expert-led session will provide you with a deep understanding of its unique properties, practical applications, and the remarkable results it can achieve. By attending, you’ll gain valuable insights that you can directly apply to enhance your patient care. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of medical aesthetics innovation.


Jodie took a leap of faith in 2018, leaving her hospital nursing position of 20 years and opened a cosmetic injectable skin and beauty clinic. Jodie had been renting a room twice a week at various salons, taking 12 months to build a clientele base. In the beginning all Jodie could offer was cosmetic injectable services, skin needling, facials, lashes and waxing. In the first 12 months she turned over $300k. During this 12 months it became very apparent through listening to clients questions and treatment concerns that she needed to introduce an energy base device to address clients concerns regarding pigmentation. Soon Jodie will be sharing a webinar with you on how they successfully integrated a new treatment modality into their aesthetic clinic, and doubled revenue the following year. Jodie believes it gave them more credibility and they soon became a trusted clinic for cosmetic skin and beauty treatments.

Injecting Energy with the Matrix™ System: The Latest Revolution in Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling – brought to you by Candela Medical

Join us for an exclusive session with Nurse Jodie Fisher from Nurse Jodie Clinic on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, as she unveils the latest revolution in radio-frequency microneedling: the Matrix system. Discover the versatility and power of the Matrix system’s 3 handpieces – Sublime, Sublative and Matrix Pro. Plus, don’t miss the live treatment demonstration featuring the Matrix Pro RF microneedling handpiece with the thinnest microneedles available on the market and ability to treat at 3 depths in 1 insertion.


Dr Frank Lin is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and founder of Eastern Plastic Surgery and EST Clinic in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Lin specialises in facial aesthetic surgery and injectable treatments, with a special interest in the treatment of Asian patients. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and is a key opinion leader in injectable and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. He has also been involved in numerous clinical trials for global pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

Dr Lin currently serves on the Board of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) and the Membership Committee of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) representing Australia.

Dr Lin is an adjunct senior lecturer at Monash University and is involved in undergraduate and specialty training at Melbourne and Monash Universities.

A Deep Dive into the Massetere – brought to you by Merz Aesthetics

Facial and neck sculpting with BoNT-A. Learn how to maximise your masseter treatments by taking a deep dive into the anatomy of the masseter. And Frank’s technique for injecting the trapezius.

Product Synergy for Skin Quality: A Multimodal Approach to Achieve Optimal Results – brought to you by Merz Aesthetics

Improving skin quality using two different modalities, including experience with a hybrid skin booster containing hyaluronic acid and glycerol, showcasing a variety of injection techniques to maximise results


Stacey began her nursing career specialising in Paediatric Burns and Emergency Nursing. After 10 years at the Children’s Hospital Westmead Stacey began her cosmetic nursing career in 2011. Stacey has experience in all modalities including dermal filler, biostimulators, PDO Mono and Lifting threads, anti-wrinkle injections, and skin treatments. She has had extensive training in injectables both in Australia and overseas. She has worked in both Nurse Cosmetic Practices and Plastic Surgery clinics and has a keen understanding of all facets of the aesthetic industry not only in the clinical sense but also in a business sense. Her passion is clinical training, and she enjoys providing intensive hands-on training experiences for other healthcare professionals. She has been a clinical trainer for Merz Aesthetics and with EnVogue before taking on the role of Clinical Manager at EnVogue in 2022.

Bio-Stimulation Reborn: The Periorbital transformation using Juvelook and facial contouring using STYLAGE dermal filler. brough to you by EnVogue


Adriana Martins is a Registered Nurse specialising in aesthetics and dermatology. She commenced in the field of Cosmetic Medicine over 15 years ago working as a clinical trainer to doctors and nurses for a leading manufacturing company of muscle relaxants and fillers. Having commenced as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Intensive and Critical Care arena, Adriana then pursued a passion for knowledge and clinical skills within cosmetic medicine, following her journey to slowing the aging process. Adriana has been privileged to have acquired many skills from international and national experts in the field and maintains abreast with industry and treatment updates by regularly attending educational events. Adriana is passionate about education and is a highly experienced mentor and clinical trainer to many in the aesthetic field here in Australia. For over 10 years Adriana has been the managing director of Aesthetic Consulting, a business not only developed to provide cosmetic and injectable treatments, but also to assist and support various aesthetic business owners on how to; grow their businesses, increase profits, retain, and recruit patients and develop a ‘point of difference’ from this competitive market with simple, effective, and proven marketing strategies. Her goal is to lift the industry’s ethical profile through the delivery of industry-recognized training modules. Adriana is passionate about achieving natural results for all her patients whilst always ensuring their safety comes first. She believes in a multi-modality and treatment planning approach whilst being ethical, transparent, and partnering with patients in their clinical journey by empowering them with knowledge so that they can make informed decisions for their best treatment outcomes. Adriana’s philosophy is long-term clients for long-term results. She looks forward to sharing her consultation and treatment strategies to help all practitioners achieve this for their clinics.

Bio-Stimulation Reborn: The Periorbital transformation using Juvelook and facial contouring using STYLAGE dermal filler. brough to you by EnVogue



The Symposium is taking place on the 4th - 5th May 2024

World Class Speakers

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